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Jan 27th

Han Gyeol (Laybacksound) Covers Maxwell’s “Pretty Wings”

1/27/2013 12:57:00 AM

Yesterday, singer Han Gyeol from the trio Laybacksound released a new video in which he remakes the song “Pretty Wings”. With this very convincing cover of Maxwell’s song, the artist clearly confirms his position of vocalist within the group.

Also take the time to listen to “SNATCH UP”, the second single from Laybacksound which was released earlier this month.

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(source: laybacksound@yt)

Jan 25th

40 Shares His Feelings in His New Music Video “Please Take My Letter”

1/25/2013 08:15:00 AM


During this time of extreme cold, what is better than a love song to warm up your heart? That was the intention of singer 40 when he created his latest single, “Please Take My Letter”.

This time around, the artists opts for a sound more acoustic than on his previous tracks. Armed with his guitar, he films a music video outdoors for the first time, and more precisely by the beach, which helps to convey the romantic lyrics of this new song.

I leave you to watch the music video below. If you like the song, support the artist by purchasing the single on Mnet or other music sites.

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(source: hiphopplaya)

Jan 24th | 2

Verbal Jint Bares His Soul on His New Track “I’m A Fool”

1/23/2013 03:04:00 PM

Today, the rapper Verbal Jint posted a song titled “I’m A Fool” online. And as usual, he shows us the extent of his talents by producing this piece from A to Z, from the composition, to the arrangement, to the accompanying instruments, and even the final mixing.

Through the lyrics of this new track, the artists completely exposes himself, hence his “realest shit I ever wrote” before the beat ends. He also shared the instrumental version of the song on his SoundCloud, for those who would like to place their voices over it or simply enjoy the work of the versatile producer VJ.

article translated from Under K-HipHop
(source: Verbal Jint’s Twitter and SoundCloud)

Jan 17th | 3

Ready to Enter the MFBTY Era with Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, and Bizzy?

1/17/2013 02:20:00 PM
If some of you have not heard the news yet, it is time to get you updated!

Three huge names in Korean hip hop, namely Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, and Bizzy, have joined forces for a project album. And it is under the name MFBTY (My Fans Better Than Yours) that they will promote themselves. At first, the trio will release a digital single titled “Sweet Dream”. As for the album, it will be released later this month.

According to a representative from Jungle Entertainment, MFBTY is “a group that will revolutionize hip hop, on the musical front as well as performance-wise and visually”. You can already get a glimpse of this change with the teaser video for “Sweet Dream” which was revealed today. It is however necessary to wait until January 21 to listen to the single and watch the full music video!

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(sources: hiphopplaya + mnet)

Jan 14th | 3

Release of the Mini-Album “Vol.4 Part 2” from Baechigi + MV for “Shower of Tears” (Feat. Ailee)

1/14/2013 01:20:00 PM
Remember! Last year, Baechigi announced their comeback after three years of inactivity. Given the large number of songs that they had prepared, the duo decided to release them in two parts instead of grouping them into a full fourth album. It is from there that their mini-album Two Mari released last April under their new label YMC Entertainment was born.

Today, the two friends are both back with the second mini-album, Vol.4 Part 2. This album is, like the previous one, composed of five tracks on which you find the artists DC and Loptimist, as well as a feminine touch with the voices of Jo Hyuna (Urban Zakapa), Woo Hyemi, and Ailee. It is in collaboration with the latter that they performed “Shower of Tears”, the title song of the album for which you can watch the music video at the end of this article.

The lyrics of this song evoke a painful separation between two young lovers. While many expected to see Ailee in the video (Baechigi and Ailee are part of the same agency), it is the singer Yang Jiwon from the idol group SPICA who finally takes the lead role.

I will leave you to discover the five tracks from the mini-album. Do not hesitate to buy it on YesAsia if you like the songs!

MV for “Shower of Tears” (feat. Ailee):

Track 1 – “Under The Sun” (feat. DC)
Track 2 – “The 9th Year”
Track 4 – “Are You Happy” (feat. Jo Hyuna of Urban Zakapa)
Track 5 – “Don’t Worry” (feat. Woo Hyemi & Loptimist)

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(source: hiphopplaya)

Jan 14th | 5

New Mixtape from The Quiett Planned for Next Month

1/14/2013 12:20:00 PM
Today, The Quiett posted a mysterious picture on Instagram, followed by an announcement which will definitely delight his fans. The rapper-producer will release his new mixtape next February 4th and it will have a total of 11 tracks.

For those who are late, The Quiett had released three new songs to the public at the end of 2012: the singles “Hotter Than The Summer” and “Get Dough” (featuring Beenzino) last August, and most recently a free track titled “Tomorrow”.

More details about the mixtape will soon be revealed, so stay informed by following his Twitter or that of Illionaire Records!

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Jan 14th

Kamaal Announces the Release of His First Album and Releases the Song “Trapeze (Mr.Swingman)”

1/14/2013 12:40:00 AM


A few days ago, the rapper Kamaal announced that his debut album Paper Mache would be released this month.

Even if he only has one single to his name at the moment (you can also listen to it here), the hip hop scene is far from being unknown to him. In fact, Kamaal has been in the business for quite some time seeing as he was the director of BRS Records. The label housed the group Indian Palm, formerly composed of Analog Sonyeon, Lupi, and Kimparkchella.

Before releasing his album, the rapper has decided to unveil a first song titled “Trapeze (Mr.Swingman)”. This track was created with the help of producers Kimparkchella, Throbbeatz, and Soriheda. Happy listening!

article translated from Under K-HipHop

(sources: Kamaal’s Twitter + hiphopplaya)

Jan 8th | 2

Young Soul Takes You to Seventh Heaven with the Track “Constellation”

1/05/2013 05:01:00 PM

Young Soul, a member of the duo Radiostarr, unveiled his very first solo single “Papa Had a Dream” last month. Today, the rapper-composer released a new song on his SoundCloud titled “별자리 (Constellation)”. The track will be on his debut album LIVETDY, DIETMRW, DRMFRVR, which means “Live Today, Die Tomorrow, Dream Forever”. No release date has been announced at the moment, but it will be soon!

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(source: rokhiphop)

Jan 8th

Singer Hoody Releases Her First Mixtape “By Myself”

1/05/2013 04:12:00 PM

Any R&B fans among our readers? If so, the debut mixtape from Hoody will do your ears good!

The singer from the nmjc crew lays her voice on the instrumentals of well-known US songs, such as “Sex Ain’t Better Than Love” from Trey Songz and others. She also included three covers: “Me Myself & I” from Beyoncé, “Foolish” from Ashanti, as well as “Window Seat”, a track originally sung by Erykah Badu.

Even if this is her first mixtape, Hoody already shows her colors by proving that she is not only a performer, but also a composer. In fact, she composed the first track of the album, “Bye bye”.

You can download the free mixtape here and listen to it below:

article translated from Under K-HipHop

(source: HipHopLE)

Jul 19th | 4

Eluphant Shoot for the Moon with Their New Album “Apollo”

7/19/2012 07:19:00 PM

After releasing Man on the Earth a year ago, Eluphant is back with a mini-album titled Apollo. The new album is a collection of singles that have never been released, except for the songs “Let’s Go Back to the Future” and “Star Candy” that the rappers had released a bit earlier.

The distinctive feature of this album lies in the fact that all the tracks have guest featurings. It is accompanied by a large number of artists that the duo from Standart recorded the six tracks included in Apollo. Find out who they are by reading the complete tracklist and listening to some of the songs:

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